New Track Available "A Quick Stab In The Heart"

On 18 June 2018

Here’s the second part of the two tracks release that started last month. This one is called “A Quick Stab In The Heart”.

It’s still melancholic, but it’s more uplifting in some ways, more combative.
What I’m sure of is, it’s an intimate piece of music, and I’m glad I finally get to look at it from outside and share it with the world, hear it resonate, it really feels like an accomplishement, a good place for me to start anew and move on.

I’ll finish with a very sincere thank you to all o…

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New Track Available "Burn The Whole House Down"

On 21 May 2018

I’ve been getting back at work on new material the last few weeks, part of it was about rehabilitating ideas I had going in my head for quite some time, while also bringing new things, new sounds to the table.

The first song to come out of this effort is “Burn The Whole House Down”, a slow and rather dark track, which I find has some kind of quiet light in it, some solace, maybe. Either way I’m very happy to share it with you all today, and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Another track will be relea…

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"Animals Used To Scare" Animated video now out!

On 22 May 2017

For the last few months, we’ve been working on a short animated video based on the track “Animals Used To Scare” from the album “No Answers No”, with french animator / director Titouan Bordeau. I’ve been in love with his work for quite some time and I was very excited to see where our collaboration would lead him creatively. Although we did have a few conversations about what I felt was or was not the meaning of the lyrics, the video is a free interpretation of the song, and it tells its own tal…

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Minimoon Session Released

On 1 January 2017

Happy new year to everyone!

To start 2017 on the right foot, here are some news about MOWUKIS.

A few months back I posted the first video of a live performance session recorded and shot at minimoon studio, featuring the song “Ideally”. The 5 songs from that session are now available as a live EP called “Minimoon Session” on MOWUKIS bandcamp page as a “name your price” release. Of course, a link to download the video will also be sent to you by mail if you choose to download the audio podc…

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