Album in progress

Here it is. After a few years working with bands, composing for movies, dancers, modern circus acts and whatnots, I finally put my head around writing a solo album. This means a decade of gathering instruments, toys, synths and FX ended up in one room, and I’ve been facing the challenge to find myself through all these musical notions I delt with for so many years.

Accordingly, last months kept me very busy, but it was both intense and productive. A solo project is a strange thing, there’s a sense of urgency, and I feel like I’ve been running everywhere, working hard to generate a musical language that made sense, out of all the ideas I had bouncing in my head before walking into the studio. It’s coming along now, step by step, a bunch of songs are appearing.

As I just got back from a two weeks recording sessions, I think I’m far enough into the process to say it will be an album full of collisions. I spent days dismantling everything I ever knew to put it back together differently, any kind of differently. It might very well be a solo effort, but it wasn’t a lonely process, and it feels like the most diverse and welcoming thing I’ve ever done, full of everyone I ever worked with.

This means it will be electronic music, but it will be folk music, and it will be rock music, and somewhere along those lines, I hope to see something raw I’ll feel connected to appear. And if I’m still not sure what it talks about yet, I think it’s a wide open piece of music. It’s not too big, but with lots of windows. Influenced as much by the amount of hip hop artists I’ve been listening to during the creative process, as by the news feed I couldn’t ever really get away from, even by the sea recording all kinds of guitars, even far away from pretty much everything I knew.

As I’m finishing this post, most of the lyrics are written, and the editing / mixing process is about to start. It’s a strange feeling to be so excited about some tracks in a society that constantly sounds like a death sentence getting closer. But I’ll keep feeding my optimism with hard work and we’ll see what kind of monster it creates. I hear it might not be a great era to sell music, but it’s such a terrifying world that it makes it a great place to create interesting art. Next time I’ll come and talk around here, It’ll be with new music, until then let’s keep twisting, cutting and assembling soundwaves.