Minimoon Session Released

Happy new year to everyone!

To start 2017 on the right foot, here are some news about MOWUKIS.

A few months back I posted the first video of a live performance session recorded and shot at minimoon studio, featuring the song “Ideally”. The 5 songs from that session are now available as a live EP called “Minimoon Session” on MOWUKIS bandcamp page as a “name your price” release. Of course, a link to download the video will also be sent to you by mail if you choose to download the audio podcast (no matter if you pay or don’t), as the original goal was to show how this music works live. After looking at them again, I ended up quite surprised with the result. Each songs breaths differently, sometimes conveying slightly different emotions from the studio version. Overall, I felt it had enough power on its own as a completely different take on the album versions of the songs to justify a release, and I’m happy to share it with you.

First Track from MOWUKIS Debut album out in a month

Hi there. It’s been a while, but it’s finally done, MOWUKIS debut album is a reality and I’m excited to share it in just a few weeks now. It’s called “No Answers No” and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ll come back to the album itself on the 3 of October for the actual release, in the meantime here are a few informations about the album and the release.

The album itself is available for pre-order today on Bandcamp. Which means you can buy it now at this adress, on CD or Digital, and will receive automatically the first single called “When Violence”, followed by the album on the 3 of october.

On the 3 of October, you will also be able to buy it on itunes, google play, and pretty much any other music platform, but chosing Bandcamp as the main page to buy MOWUKIS music was a conscious choice, as I believe strongly in the way Bandcamp conceives the relation between musicians and the people who enjoy listening to them. So if you’re not already hooked on another service, this will be the most practical place to buy and listen to my work!

And finally, to talk about music, as it’s all that matters, the first track I’m releasing from the album is called “When Violence”. After a few days of hesitation, it ended up being an obvious choice to choose that one song. “No Answers No” has been written in the midst of an incredible wave of violence, hatred, absurdity, and facing this amount of horror, watching it pour into me, and try, try everyday harder to use that anger to create, to generate something we could all use to find the ressources and the strength to fight back, that very mechanic has been at the core of my work the last two years. I hope it shows.

Thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to read this.

Christmas Gift – With Your Eyes Closed

New site, new song. Well it’s not exactly a new song, it’s been around for a while but never quite finished for some reason. It’s here now, and it comes with a video, made by the polish animator Renata Gasiorowska. A crazy combo of clumsy cartoons and colorful insanity but it’s better to just look at it.

When we decided to work together, I had a lot of songs and projects going around, and I just let her choose whichever track she was feeling like working on. We settled on “With Your Eyes Closed”, and she took the whole thing way further than I could ever imagine when I wrote the first bits of the song in my grandmother’s backyard on a half broken guitar. A few months later, I had to work on whole new arrangements and built the new sound landscape on the creativity Renata brought to the track with her visual.

For those interested in Renata Gasioroswka’s other work, you can see more of what she creates over here, or here, or even here.

And because it’s a new website, soon enough a new year, and right about now Christmas, the song is available as a free download on Bandcamp at this adress :