Was this part of what you believed?

I started this project a few months ago, but it feels like years apart. I had a few topics in mind, things I knew moved me deeply, forces I felt I had to try and channel into *something*. But I didn’t expect to fight my way through what fell upon us in the stretch of the last few weeks to get these ideas out of my chest and into a body of work.

Most like everybody, I have been all at once fascinated, terrified, and uplifted by the variety of chaotic situations we had to wander through at accelerated speed, some of them new, some of them old. Insisting on living and remaining creative in the middle of all of it felt both like a welcome exit and a daunting, suffocating task.

It struck me at some point that it was what I kept writing about: chaos. Not the all-powerful one outside, not the immensity of it, not as a whole. Chaos from my window into the world, chaos from the only visions of it I get to experience and what I make of it, chaos as the only tangible material of life within which to choose what to believe, and what to reject. The tipping point in your inner monologue where no fact can tell you what to think anymore, and you have to decide for yourself. The bottom of the lake.

Chaos, but also the lack thereof sometimes, because as we recently experienced, there can be much dread and destructive power in stillness, and so much can be achieved through successfully generating chaos. How do you make it yours; how do I join it? How do we, together, invoke it? As I’m writing this, people are roaming the streets, risking their physical integrity to cause havoc, so that they can finally be looked at and respected, because as a cohesive conscious force, they understood chaos will be the only available tool powerful enough to redefine the codes of the stale and stagnant forces that rule upon us. I wanted my music to invite some of that energy inside.

This is up to this point my dearest and most personal work. I wish for it to be a way for me, as a single entity, to join a wider body, to belong in a way, be part of an ensemble that doesn’t know me and still that I could call my own. I put in it a lot of instruments I didn’t play in a while, a lot of sounds I felt were threatening to how my work could be perceived, but that I nevertheless loved, and I let go of any restraint I might have had in the past. But more simply, I want it to feel like a few songs, a voice and a mess of instruments emerging from the noise and returning to it. And in between the shape of something I could define.

New Track Available “A Quick Stab In The Heart”

Here’s the second part of the two tracks release that started last month. This one is called “A Quick Stab In The Heart”.

It’s still melancholic, but it’s more uplifting in some ways, more combative.
What I’m sure of is, it’s an intimate piece of music, and I’m glad I finally get to look at it from outside and share it with the world, hear it resonate, it really feels like an accomplishement, a good place for me to start anew and move on.

I’ll finish with a very sincere thank you to all of those who listened to and enjoyed “Burn The Whole House Down”, I hope thise one will talk to you as well.

New Track Available “Burn The Whole House Down”

I’ve been getting back at work on new material the last few weeks, part of it was about rehabilitating ideas I had going in my head for quite some time, while also bringing new things, new sounds to the table.

The first song to come out of this effort is “Burn The Whole House Down”, a slow and rather dark track, which I find has some kind of quiet light in it, some solace, maybe. Either way I’m very happy to share it with you all today, and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Another track will be released on June 11, in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this one !

“Animals Used To Scare” Animated video now out!

For the last few months, we’ve been working on a short animated video based on the track “Animals Used To Scare” from the album “No Answers No”, with french animator / director Titouan Bordeau. I’ve been in love with his work for quite some time and I was very excited to see where our collaboration would lead him creatively. Although we did have a few conversations about what I felt was or was not the meaning of the lyrics, the video is a free interpretation of the song, and it tells its own tale. Needless to say, the result is beautiful, strange and dreamlike, and it somehow captures a whole side of my work I wasn’t aware existed before seeing it moving in front of me. I’m not too keen on describing with words a creation that’s meant to be graphic and open to interpretation so I’ll just post the video and let you dive into the world Titouan created for the occasion.

Titouan Bordeau has also been actively working on an animated series / video game project called “the 4th planet” produced by studio Folimage, that you can (and should) check out at this adress http://the4thplanet.net/, and if you want to see more of his work, you can take a look at his website http://titouanbordeau.tumblr.com/ or his vimeo account https://vimeo.com/titouanbordeau, it’s worth it!

Debut album “No Answers No” is out!

It’s time to finally release “No Answers No”. The full album is now available for you to listen to and/or order on CD or Digital, via bandcamp by following that link :


You can also, if you so wish, buy the digital version on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and other online music retailers, although it’ll be a little pricier because I can’t set the price on these platforms.

However, you will only be able to stream the album on bandcamp, as I believe in their business-model more than in any other on the market today. And I think it matters, no matter how big a musician you are, to make a stand and release your music the way you think is best, and helps us move forward from the situation we’re in.

That’s for the release part. A little more on the music now.

Releasing this album is a huge step forward for me. It’s not just a debut album, it’s a foundation, something to build upon. Spending those two years working on what it means to be a solo musician, finding my way through all that gear and all those influences, pushed me to break some new grounds, if not musically, at least intimately. I put in perspective a lot of the things I thought I knew, and learned a lot from other musicians I’ve met and talked to. In that sense, this first solo project is a combination of the many voices I’ve heard these last few years, and how I understood them, how I used them to move on from where I was.

This album is also an answer, a dense and violent web of reactions to a world that seems to be going crazier every hour of every day. I think the dramatic amount of informations we’re drowning in is part of an explanation for how dense and intricate the album is. I thought a lot about it in the process of making the songs. Questions like “Should I make it simpler” “should I keep the tracklisting shorter” came and went more than once, as I’ve been told quite a lot that releasing a debut album that long, that critically dense, was at best an odd move, at worst a terrible choice. But it was what I wanted to do, what I needed to do. Songs that answer each other, that approach differently some various sides of a problematic that is hard to pin down anyway, if not impossible to simplify. A music that could dig into how unmanageable it is, from the prison of just one body, to answer, face, and oppose, to the avalanche of contradictions, injunctions, and obligations we’re dealing with everyday.

So how do you do that with music instruments was my challenge. A challenge everyday renewed, everyday reconsidered. Not because I tought it was clever, or selling, or beautiful even, but because it felt necessary. And that’s how I ended up with those eleven songs, that move constantly from saturated to minimal, from violent to soft, from electronic to acoustic, songs that oscillate, that look for that lost piece of quiet in the middle of all that noise, songs that try to unwind a single thread of coherence through various atmospheres, moods, and spaces. Wether or not this is a success doesn’t really matter, I think it’s a photography of where I’ve been these past 2 years, and for that alone, it means a lot to me to share it with the world, to have it been discussed and listened to.

I hope there’s food for everyone in it.

To finish, releasing this album is not the end at all, as I’m already collaborating with a lot of talented people to expand its universe further and find, with their help, where we can go next from here. A lot of things are in the making that I’m eager to share, and I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, here it is, “No Answers No”, MOWUKIS debut album.



New track “Ideally” Live Performance Video

Now that “No Answers No” is annouced and set to be released, it’s time to also unveil some of the stuff I’ve been preparing while I was finishing the album.

During the recording sessions, I kept wondering how I could bring these productions to a live stage, and it became pretty clear after a while that it’d be interesting to show a more “performance” approach of the tracks, and how it changes the feeling they convey. Some of the instruments on “No Answers No” have been recorded at Minimoon Studio, and it felt very natural to come back there to reinterpret the tracks and film the whole thing for you to see. So I brought my live setup in the studio, plugged everything in, and with the kind help of Monika Trzcinska for the video and Jeff Hernandez for the sound, we came up with this.

“Ideally” is the first track I’m releasing as part of what we decided to call the “minimoon session”, I’ll release more later, but I hope it’s a nice way to introduce this very particular side of my work.

Where things are (when things are done)

It’s been a while. And it’s been a hell of a process. But I’m at that point now, that weird, foggy point, where the album is done. As of now, I’m not even sure what it means, except that it’s back to its original state: it’s out of me. Out of my head, out my body. It’s a creature on its own, and as I keep listening to it, discovering it as a whole and not a thousand little parts, the sensation that it’s time to move on materializes. No matter what tales it tells about you, an album rarely takes the shape you’d expect. It’s no expection here. It means a lot for me, but I look forward to hear what it means to people now, being around an hour long it’s quite a piece of music compared to most of my previous releases.

What it does not mean though is that I’m gonna get some rest. So much work left to accomplish. First, figure out what to do with those songs, with that thing. It’s kind of a puzzle really, and not the easiest at all, I’ll get back on that once I’m decided on the course of action. Second, preparing a live set. I’m excited about that one, so many ideas, so many ways I could communicate with those songs again in a fresh new manner. As a newcomer in the solo artist category, I have yet to figure what’s possible alone on a stage, but I’m currently setting up a bunch of loopers, a lot of acoustic instruments, a few well thought out synths, and we’ll see where we can go from here. New territories, new challenges.

I’m eager to show you more, but that’ll have to wait. I’ll come back, hopefully sooner rather than later, with a release date and some music.

Album in progress

Here it is. After a few years working with bands, composing for movies, dancers, modern circus acts and whatnots, I finally put my head around writing a solo album. This means a decade of gathering instruments, toys, synths and FX ended up in one room, and I’ve been facing the challenge to find myself through all these musical notions I delt with for so many years.

Accordingly, last months kept me very busy, but it was both intense and productive. A solo project is a strange thing, there’s a sense of urgency, and I feel like I’ve been running everywhere, working hard to generate a musical language that made sense, out of all the ideas I had bouncing in my head before walking into the studio. It’s coming along now, step by step, a bunch of songs are appearing.

As I just got back from a two weeks recording sessions, I think I’m far enough into the process to say it will be an album full of collisions. I spent days dismantling everything I ever knew to put it back together differently, any kind of differently. It might very well be a solo effort, but it wasn’t a lonely process, and it feels like the most diverse and welcoming thing I’ve ever done, full of everyone I ever worked with.

This means it will be electronic music, but it will be folk music, and it will be rock music, and somewhere along those lines, I hope to see something raw I’ll feel connected to appear. And if I’m still not sure what it talks about yet, I think it’s a wide open piece of music. It’s not too big, but with lots of windows. Influenced as much by the amount of hip hop artists I’ve been listening to during the creative process, as by the news feed I couldn’t ever really get away from, even by the sea recording all kinds of guitars, even far away from pretty much everything I knew.

As I’m finishing this post, most of the lyrics are written, and the editing / mixing process is about to start. It’s a strange feeling to be so excited about some tracks in a society that constantly sounds like a death sentence getting closer. But I’ll keep feeding my optimism with hard work and we’ll see what kind of monster it creates. I hear it might not be a great era to sell music, but it’s such a terrifying world that it makes it a great place to create interesting art. Next time I’ll come and talk around here, It’ll be with new music, until then let’s keep twisting, cutting and assembling soundwaves.