Christmas Gift – With Your Eyes Closed

New site, new song. Well it’s not exactly a new song, it’s been around for a while but never quite finished for some reason. It’s here now, and it comes with a video, made by the polish animator Renata Gasiorowska. A crazy combo of clumsy cartoons and colorful insanity but it’s better to just look at it.

When we decided to work together, I had a lot of songs and projects going around, and I just let her choose whichever track she was feeling like working on. We settled on “With Your Eyes Closed”, and she took the whole thing way further than I could ever imagine when I wrote the first bits of the song in my grandmother’s backyard on a half broken guitar. A few months later, I had to work on whole new arrangements and built the new sound landscape on the creativity Renata brought to the track with her visual.

For those interested in Renata Gasioroswka’s other work, you can see more of what she creates over here, or here, or even here.

And because it’s a new website, soon enough a new year, and right about now Christmas, the song is available as a free download on Bandcamp at this adress :