Where things are (when things are done)

It’s been a while. And it’s been a hell of a process. But I’m at that point now, that weird, foggy point, where the album is done. As of now, I’m not even sure what it means, except that it’s back to its original state: it’s out of me. Out of my head, out my body. It’s a creature on its own, and as I keep listening to it, discovering it as a whole and not a thousand little parts, the sensation that it’s time to move on materializes. No matter what tales it tellsĀ about you, an album rarely takes the shape you’d expect. It’s no expection here. It means a lot for me, but I look forward to hear what it means to people now, being around an hour long it’s quite a piece of music compared to most of my previous releases.

What it does not mean though is that I’m gonna getĀ some rest. So much work left to accomplish. First, figure out what to do with those songs, with that thing. It’s kind of a puzzle really, and not the easiest at all, I’ll get back on that once I’m decided on the course of action. Second, preparing a live set. I’m excited about that one, so many ideas, so many ways I could communicate with those songs again in a fresh new manner. As a newcomer in the solo artist category, I have yet to figure what’s possible alone on a stage, but I’m currently setting up a bunch of loopers, a lot of acoustic instruments, a few well thought out synths, and we’ll see where we can go from here. New territories, new challenges.

I’m eager to show you more, but that’ll have to wait. I’ll come back, hopefully sooner rather than later, with a release date and some music.